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what is ecopoly plus?

Normal polythene film which is used world wide to make carrier bags and packaging is convenient and practical when in use but because of their properties the film takes many years to naturally degrade or fragment. This therefore has an environmental impact as much of the film stays in landfill or resides in the general environment as litter/pollution in the meantime.

Ecopoly+ degradable film contains an agent which triggers and accelerate the degradation process allowing the molecular structure in the film to break down. The additive is applied in the production process and different levels can be added depending on the required shelf life of the finished plastic product from a few months to several years. Degradable plastics are also made from a by-product of oil refining which would otherwise be wasted thus adding to its environmental credentials.

Degradable films have the same characteristics and perform the same as conventional film during their pre-determined service-life but then break down if discarded. They don't leave fragments of petro-polymers in the soil.

NB: Our standard material formulation for degradable film should give a minimum of six months to around eighteen months full useful product life. However bags may start to show signs of degradation from as little as 3 - 6 months depending upon storage conditions.

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